Short Story

Short Story About Love part 1

This is my first fictional story, sorry for bad English. 
The birds chirp beautifully this morning. I take a deep breath while opening the window in my room. I know today will be my first day in high school life. I am so happy thinking about that. I couldn’t sleep well last night. I know this is a bit late, i had been hospitalized for 1 year ’cause i had an accident. Well, let past be in the past, i have a beautiful future awaits for me! 

In the classroom, 

“Well, today is your first day in this schooll, introduce yourself to us”, said the lecture. 

“Hello everyone, my name is Bella. This is my first day in this school. I hope you all can be my friend. Nice to meet you!”

“Okay, thank you. Please sit next to that boy in the back there”

I do what the lecture said to me and sit next to the boy. 

“Wow, why do you just came out of nowhere in this time? This is second semester. Aren’t you late? Haha..”, said the boy. 

“Hmm.. I.. I..”

“Hey, don’t be like that. Please be friendly to her. Hi, my name is Frederick. You can ca me Fred.  I am class representative. If you have something you don’t know, you can ask me anytime”, said the other boy who sit in the right next to me. 

“Okay thank you for your consideration. I really appreciate it.”

“Whoaa.. How can you do that to me? I just wondering about her. I just wanted to ask some questions to her. Hmmm…. By the way, my name is Steve. I am sorry about earlier. Really, i don’t have any meaning behind that. I am sorry if i offended you.”

“Haha..okay.. I just shocked.. It is okay”

“Really, yey.. You are so kind. I like you!”, said Steve. 

Huh? You like me? What?? Is it something you say casually in this school? I.. I.. 

“Steve..! Please be quite! Remember, this is still study time, don’t talk to yourself!”, said the lecture.

“Alright Ms. Kitty…”


“Don’t laugh at me Bell! :(”

“You are so funny”

“Be quite you two..”, said Fred.


I am so happy to make friends with Steve and Fred. Steve is funny, and friendly person. He doesn’t show any resistance to me who he just know today. And Fred seems like smart person. I can ask about the subject i don’t know to him. I hope i can know better about them.


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